Team Member

Aaryyan Aathreya

Secretary General

Aaryyan Aathreya, our Secretary General is a man with substance and purpose and is nothing short of a perfectionist. He lives by the motto ‘ live and let live ‘.Almost 20 MUNs have had him in attendance and Aaryyan has made his mark in the MUN circuit with a gallery of awards making him the perfect recipe for the Secretary General of CVMUN18. He truly is the quintessence of MUNing. Besides being an ardent debater, his culinary prowess is commendable, his hero being Marco Pierre White.

Apart from ‘intellectual stuff’, Aaryyan is a movie buff and you would definitely catch him at the premiere of an Ajith or a Gautam Menon movie. His last watched on Netflix would either be ‘ The blacklist ‘ or ‘Suits’ and Linkin park and the Backstreet Boys make up his playlist.

Aaryyan greatly values his responsibility as the Secretary General of CVMUN’18 and hopes that the standards of the MUN and the circuit as a whole are maintained with good debate.

Team Member

Alefiyah Olia

Director General

Feisty and passionate are two words which epitomize our director general Alifiya. From best debutant to vice chair, Alifiya has carved a niche for herself in the MUN circuit. Her favorite quote “fear the fire or simply become it” speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. In the future she sees herself working for the esteemed UN and desires to commit herself to poverty alleviation. If there’s one thing she hates it has to be hypocrisy and is a staunch believer of practicing what you preach.

Alifiya spends a lot of her time among her books and finds comfort in leafing through the pages of an atlas given to her by her dad. Alifiya’s interests are a mix of poetry and rap - Kahlil Gibran, Cardi B, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, the queen herself- Nicki Minaj and brownie points to any BTS fan!

She is a total superhero fan, her favorite being good ol’ spider man but again she’s all for team DC. Her favourite pastimes include singing at the top of her lungs and binge watching sitcoms, her ultimate favourites being friends and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Alifiya’s motivating message to all delegates whether beginners or experts is that there is always scope for mistakes but a better and greater scope for improvements and understanding. Despite the existence of awards, at the end of the day, it truly boils down to what the person makes and takes out of the experience.

She desires to break the common ideas and stereotypes people have about MUNs and wants this edition make it clear that an MUN is a forum that not only encourages diplomacy or healthy debate but individual consciousness . She signs off by hoping to make this year’s conference as entertaining as much as it is educating.

Team Member

Sadhanaa Balasubramanian

Deputy Secretary Genaral

With a commendable MUN experience and several laurels to her credit, Sadhanaa is all set to serve as the Deputy Secretary General of this year’s MUN. Her proficiency at debating combined with an affable personality makes Sadhanaa the perfect candidate for the post.

A passionate music enthusiast of all genres, she has grown up playing the violin. But that’s not all! Drawing inspiration from one of her favourite musicians Ed Sheeran, she taught herself to play the guitar and ukulele. With a keen fascination for history, she hopes to pursue a career in archaeology.

A firm believer of quality over quantity, she expects delegates to be well-versed with their agendas and their arguments to be original while steering clear of Google-found solutions! She looks forward to how the committee will tackle challenging issues that it is confronted with.